PRSSA — What it is and how it will help you with your PR career

Everything to know about PRSSA


Image Credit: Geralt via Pixabay 

What is PRSSA?

PRSSA, also known as Public Relations Student Society of America, is an organization that was made for university students interested in expanding their opportunities through Public Relations and Communications. Today, more than 10,000 students have joined PRSSA expanding throughout the country and even in abroad with countries including Argentina, Peru and Columbia. In the US alone, it has expanded throughout  300 chapters and is still growing among students.

Benefits of PRSSA 


    One of the most important aspects of college career in moving onto the professional field is networking. By joining PRSSA, you automatically have thousands of network among other students in the US and opportunities that they offer that will connect you to those in the field you wish to be in. PRSSA offers a great networking start that will support those wishing to succeed in their field


    Along with networking, PRSSA offers experiences, internships and scholarships that will help students to gain real-life experience that they will be able to utilize in the professional field after graduation. Gaining internship opportunities are a huge deal to competitive field such as PR and communications. By joining PRSSA, finding an internship opportunity that perfectly fits their career goal is easier and more convenient.


    As mentioned before, since networking is such a huge part of PRSSA, it is much easier for the members to launch their careers through internships, experiences and specific helps and tips to succeed in the world of professional PR and communications. With sources such as PRSA Jobcenter, which allows students to browse through open PR job opportunities and internships, students are able to use opportunities that will expand their opportunities and reach their career goals.

    Joining a massive organization such as PRSSA, will help those that are searching for the perfect career opportunities along with gaining a real life experience to use in the professional employment field. It is not a question that PRSSA is beneficial to those willing to stand out and advance in their field of studies. PRSSA is guaranteed to give a jump start to a dream career that many students seek.