About Me

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In today’s world, making connections with others have gotten easier and faster. My name is Grace Harrah and I am happy to be able to share my perspective of our small world and connect through this blog. I am currently a senior at Indiana State University located in Terre Haute, Indiana. My major is Communications, something I absolutely love to do, and minor is Nutrition, something I recently found a passion for. The picture above of myself was taken on a small island of Curaçao, located in the Caribbean. My love and adventure lies within traveling the world and seeing, experiencing and learning new cultures. I also have a great appreciation for all mediums of art and writing. Career goal for myself is to exceed in what I enjoy doing which is writing. I am the Editor-in-Chief for the Indiana Statesman, school publication and I plan on expanding my experiences onto a professional field of journalistic writing. My absolute dream would be to write for the magazine and online website, VICE and to report real, eccentric yet interesting stories that will captivate the audience.

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